Relocation Services

A self-described lifestyle relocation specialist, Ashley Crain is a Michigan transplant herself who understands the unique and specific needs of relocating to a new community. She is happy to go the extra mile to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. That includes helping you select the right neighborhood and acclimate to the local culture, connecting you to handymen, artisans, the best restaurants, reputable salons, and much more. 

Ashley’s reputation precedes her, with many of her friends even referring to her as “Ashierge” because of the excellent concierge-style approach she uses when communicating with her clients.

What is a Relocation Specialist?

A relocation specialist is exceptionally skilled at managing the details and tasks involved in relocating to a brand new city or region. Moving within the same town is challenging, but packing up all your belongings and family members to travel across county lines can be doubly difficult. 

You’ll also have to find new schools, a community setting, restaurants, entertainment, and daily amenities to make your transition smooth. Doing all of that while simultaneously searching for a home and selling an old one can be overwhelming—that’s where a relocation specialist comes in. 

As a bespoke relocation specialist, Ashley will happily walk you through each step of the process, from helping you learn the ins-and-outs of your prospective new neighborhood to selling your current home and finally, closing the deal on your new house.

Relocation Services Provided

Each person relocating from one place to another will have unique needs depending on their family size, lifestyle, and budgetary constraints. That’s why it’s so important to work with someone like Ashley, who tailors and customizes her services to each client, ensuring they receive a personalized approach most suitable for their specific conditions.

  • Buying & Selling: Of course, the most important aspect of relocation is getting your current home and new home squared away. A relocation specialist can refer you to the right agent, or they might double as a realtor and be able to manage the entire process for you from beginning to end.
  • Packing & Moving: Apart from buying and selling your home, the next most significant part of the process is getting an excellent company to pack your things and move them to your new home. Relocation companies excel in this area, and your specialist can help you transition.
  • Seeking Out New Schools: If you have children, searching for the best schools and child care providers will be a vital aspect of your relocation process. Ashley has excellent referrals and contacts to help you find the right school zone for your kids.
  • Orientation: You might know which city you’re planning to move to, but there are other options to consider:
    • Neighborhoods: Do you want to live somewhere close to downtown with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment nearby? Or maybe you’d prefer a quiet area with larger lots and ample green space? Ashley can help you make the right choice!
    • Commute: If you’re moving to a job, it’s essential to consider where you live to establish your commute time. Will you need a car? Do you prefer to use public transportation? All of these variables might impact where you live. 
    • Parks & Recreation: Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or have kids, it’s always nice to know where the best parks and recreation centers are nearby.
  • Local Service Providers: Beyond childcare, there are plenty of other local amenities and service providers you’ll want to find to make your relocation as smooth as possible. It’s nice to know where the best local doctor is, a dentist, legal professionals, hair salons, grocery stores, and more. Ashley has all the connections you could ever need to settle into your new home.
If you’re searching for Bloomfield Hills real estate and in need of Birmingham relocation services, register today for a free staging consultation from Ashley Crain.


Ashley has always had a passion for architecture and design, and she knows the market well. She brings Midwestern values and an ethic appreciated by all her clients, and she makes sure that all her clients needs are met from start to finish.

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