Sellers Guide

Making the decision to put your home on the market can seem daunting. Whether you’re new to the proceeding or an experienced homeowner needing a little extra help, this selling guide will help to clear your mind and prepare you for what the selling process has in store. 

Deciding to Sell

Selling your home can be the outcome of several months or even years of planning, yet some homeowners make this choice in an even shorter amount of time. Whatever your circumstance, it’s crucial that you’re aware of every implication of your decision. Perhaps one of the most important things to consider before beginning the process of selling your home is the conditions of the current market. If the market is tipping in your favor as it has been for the past couple of years, then now might be the best time to list!

​​​​​​​As you start down the path of selling your property, keep in mind why you’re selling in the first place. Roadblocks such as schedule differences, finances, and improper housing preparations for after the sale can hinder your experience from being smooth sailing. Being aware of your time frame and sharing this information with your agent can save you both a lot of stress later on. Be sure to know how you’ll handle potential hiccups if everything doesn’t go to plan.

Selecting an Agent

Why should you choose a Crain Homes agent?

The answer is simple. The professionals at Crain homes have the knowledge, network, and expertise it takes to sell your luxury property to your ideal buyer. As a group of four women, the team at Crain Homes works like a well-oiled machine to guarantee an unmatched, premium level of service. They’ve grown and nurtured a connection with the community over many platforms. Their social media is the proof, business is booming and they’re attracting more followers than ever before. Thanks to valuable resources such as the association with Crain’s Detroit Business, Crain Homes has been able to provide its customers with an edge over the competition. Your ideal buyer will have had eyes on your home in multiple places, pushing them to make the purchase.

The agents at Crain Homes will treat your listings as their own. Previous customers have left their homes behind, relocated and left their listings within our trusted hands. We will keep up with anything and everything to provide you with a seamless experience.

Would you like to see references?

We thrive off of testimonials as a referral-based business. Past clients have left stellar reviews which we are happy to share with you!

Prepare to Sell

While you’re working with an agent to figure out the best strategy for getting your home on the market, there are a few things you can do around your home to ensure the best outcome. Complete any necessary repairs, add fresh coats of paint to the interior and exterior, clean and stage the spaces of your property and help your home to look its best. Curb appeal makes your potential buyer want to look at the rest of what your home has to offer, so putting your best foot forward should be a main priority. Complete pre-sale inspections to be certain there won’t be any surprises later on when your potential buyer has their own done. All that’s left is to show your home and wait for an offer.

Accepting an Offer

The prospect of selling your home is exciting, especially if you hear the market is tipping in the seller’s favor. Just remember you have some moral responsibility you should adhere to when making the most important decisions upon listing time. These include putting a fair price on the home when you put it on the market. The easiest way to figure out a fair price is to have an appraisal done on the property. Even after this step, be prepared for buyers’ attempts to negotiate on the price. The agent you’ve chosen should have plenty of expertise in negotiation to ensure both parties receive a fair deal at closing.

Tip: Keep a thorough record of every agreement between yourself and the buyer. You don’t want a misunderstanding to cost you thousands of dollars after you’ve done all of this work.

Escrow Inspections and Appraisals

This stage is when the buyer has already placed an offer on the home or is preparing to. Often buyers will want to have inspections done by their own agencies to ensure they’re making a well-informed purchase. Prepare for contingencies that rely on the outcome of these inspections.

Close of Escrow

This is the point in the sale when both the buyer and the seller have fulfilled their main responsibilities and are now in the final stage of the home closing. Make sure to do your due diligence and shut off the utilities and complete all required paperwork. The Close of Escrow is when you hand over the keys to the new homeowner and the property is officially out of your hands. If you have any questions at the end of the selling process, your agent is here with answers.


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